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Troubleshooter: Privacy Concerns

If you do not find the answer to your problem here, please contact the Credit Union. Wherever possible, please provide as much detail as well as the error message you receive when encountering this problem.

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I am concerned about the privacy of my information

Your privacy and personal information is protected in several different ways on our website:

  • A PIN is issued only to bona fide members of the Credit Union, and your PIN application details are checked against the Credit Union system.
  • Your online account is protected by a 3-tier login, which is usually your Member Number, your PIN and your Date of Birth. You should not reveal your PIN.
  • When you log into the members area, your login details are encrypted while passing from your computer to our web server, limiting the chances of revealing your information should it be intercepted en route. The 128-bit SSL encryption uses an industrial-strength PGP algorithm which has been found to be nearly impossible to break. The integrity of the encryption is verified by your browser which can recognize the digital certificate installed for our website, and inform you if the certificate (and therefore the encryption) is valid or expired. Next time you are in the Members Area, click on the small padlock at the bottom of your browser to view the digital certificate's details.
  • Not only are your login details encrypted, but so too are your account balances and transactions. In fact all information passing between your computer and the server is digitally encrypted while you are logged into the Members Area.
  • The Members Area will automatically close your session after 5 minutes of being idle, which helps prevent revealing your personal information should you be away from your computer for an extended period. You should logout of the Members Area when you are finished.
  • Our server has a dedicated team of administrators, constantly maintaining and upgrading the websites' security and performance.

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At Transave we provide a fair return on your savings, and access to affordable credit. We operate in an ethical manner for the mutual benefit of all members, keeping our policies clear, simple and fair for all. If you have a questions regarding any aspect of our policies or procedures please contact us: rachael.kershaw@transaveuk.co.uk

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